Skate Park and BMX Track

Springfield Skate Facility

Springfield Skate Facility opened in July 2006 following almost five years of fundraising. It can be found at Springfield Rec, near Springfield Community Campus (where free parking is available) on Beechfield Road. It can be accessed via Beechfield Road or Valley Road.

The facility is constructed from concrete in order to minimise noise and provide a hard wearing, smooth surface to skate on.

Improvements to the surface were carried out, and floodlighting installed, in 2010/11, allowing skateboarders to skate until approximately 9pm. The project was managed by Brian Eatock who chaired the Corsham Skate Steering Group, which formed part of the Corsham Area Community Planning Partnership. Further improvements were completed in March 2013 including installation of a pump hump and grind rail and alterations to some of the transitions. Every few years the graffiti artwork is replaced with a new design; the latest being completed in summer 2019 by local artist Baz Hurlow.


BMX Track

The BMX track was originally built in 2003 as a result of local interest from a group of young people. The jumps were revamped in 2008, with additional work including new tarmac around the turns to prevent the soil eroding too quickly. Further improvements were made to the track in May 2012 when the track surface and the start/finish area were improved.

The BMX Track is managed and maintained by the Town Council. Now that BMX is an Olympic sport the facility is more popular than ever with local young people and is attracting riders from neighbouring towns too.