Tree Planting

Trees act as a natural carbon capture and storage machine through their photosynthesis process where trees absorb atmospheric carbon and store it for centuries. An additional 1.5 million hectares of woodland (which is the same land area as Yorkshire) need to be planted to reach net zero. Corsham Town Council is committed to planting more trees in any suitable area to help contribute to this large target. Planting trees will also help to restore the 13% of biodiversity loss that the UK has suffered since 1970. By planting new native species in Corsham we will be providing havens for wildlife and boosting local biodiversity.

In December 2021, Corsham Town Council carried out two, large-scale tree planting projects planting a total of 58 trees.

Thirty-five volunteers helped Corsham Town Council plant 40 trees at Coppershell in Gastard: 12 Wild Cherry, 12 Silver Birch, four Alder, four Pussy Willow, four Hazel, three Horse Chestnut and an Oak were planted, along with a hedgerow and wildflower meadow.

Another five volunteers helped Corsham Town Council plant 18 new trees at Beechfield Nature Area. Seven Silver Birch, five Field Maple, four Rowan, one Common Beech and an Oak were planted.

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