Ladbrook Lane Cemetery

Management and Maintenance Plan


Policy Statement

Corsham Town Council manages and maintains Ladbrook Lane Cemetery as a peaceful and attractive resting place to serve the residents of Corsham. We aim to offer a sympathetic service to the bereaved and deal with enquiries from the public, funeral directors and monumental masons. Fees and charges are set by the Property and Amenities Committee annually.


Site Description

The Cemetery is situated along Ladbrook Lane which is between Lacock Road and Gastard. It was laid out in the 1960s after the adjoining Cemetery was closed for new graves. The layout is designed to offer a range of interment choices such as lawn, traditional and cremation plots.



Maintenance is carried out by a grounds contractor, a grave-digging contractor, Council staff, stonemasons and building contractors as and when required. The inspections and monitoring routine includes memorial checks as well as general maintenance visits by Council staff and Councillors.


Rules and Regulations

The Cemetery Regulations laid down by the Town Council are reviewed periodically to ensure they are in line with public opinion. They were last reviewed in January 2020. Full copies of the Regulations are kept in the office and issued to monumental masons and funeral directors as well as the public on request. A summary of the Regulations is displayed at the Cemetery entrance.


Future Work

The Town Council encourages the donation of trees and benches where it fits within the overall landscape design of the cemetery. There are plans to improve the cemetery plan, showing plot numbers and make it easier for people to identify graves when on site. The cemetery is estimated to be open for new graves for at least another 15 years.



Applications for purchase of plots, burials, and monuments are administered by Town Council staff. Staff can also help find records of family history for burials that have taken place since 1964. Prior to that the cemetery was run by St Bartholomew’s Church and they hold the records. St Bart’s Church House office can be contacted on 01249 701720 or email.


Cemetery fees, layout, terms and conditions

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