Strategic Plan 2014 - 2018

The Strategic Plan was approved by the elected Town Councillors on 10 February 2014.  The Plan seeks to address and sets out what the Town Council will be doing to implement improvements, deal with changes and influence how Corsham develops over the next five years and beyond.

There are six main strands to this plan: Managed Development, Open to Business, Destination Corsham, Alive to Centres of Excellence, Safe & Healthy Community and Integration.   All these themes are interlinked and will feed into all the decisions the Council will make. 

We appreciate that, as a Town Council we do not have the level of resources of large organisations, but what we lack in legal authority and financial backing we will overcome by means of influencing others through sheer hard work and determination. We will work constructively with whoever is most appropriate, including the local community as a whole, to ensure that Corsham continues to improve and develop in a sustainable, positive way. To see how we aim to work with others, read the Town Council's Community Engagement Strategy.

To help with the ambitions of the Strategic Plan, staffing at the Town Hall was restructured in 2015 (followed by a restructuing of Town Council committees), details of which are available here.

An Action Plan Summary of Strategic Plan projects and priorities for 2017-18 is available here.


Following the release of the Stage 1 Report of the Public Realm Study - Understanding Corsham, Stage 2 has now been completed and can be viewed hereThank you to everyone who took part in the consultation events and completed questionnaires, your feedback has been used in the findings.

The Stage 2 report contains a range of schemes to address the issues identified in Stage 1 and work is now underway to prioritise and identify funding for the schemes. Once complete we will be able to move onto Stage 3 which will see the implementation of the schemes around the town.