Electoral Process

A greater say


Following the introduction of the Localism Act 2011, town and parish councils are being given the opportunity to have a greater say in where they think new homes, employment land and infrastructure should be, and what they should look like, through the production of a Neighbourhood Plan. 


Corsham Town Council is now in the early stages of creating its Neighbourhood Plan, which will be produced by local people for local people to vote on in a referendum. If the Neighbourhood Plan is approved by a majority of those who vote, then the Neighbourhood Plan will be given weight by Wiltshire Council when making decisions on planning applications within the designated area.


Chairman of Corsham’s Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, Councillor Peter Pearson says,


‘We are embracing the opportunity to have more say in how our town develops over the coming years. For far too long we have had little say in what happens in the town; how many and what kind of houses are built where; what industrial/commercial/retail development we want and need for jobs, or how our environment and heritage can best be protected and improved. There is much to do and we can only be successful with the help and support of the community.’


Working groups


Much of the initial work will be carried out by six working groups covering the following topic areas:  Housing; Business and Economy; Heritage and Environment; Transport, Education and Health and Wellbeing.


It is thought that the process will take up to two years to complete during which time there will be extensive community consultation. This will start towards the end of this year and details will be available here and in the town’s noticeboards.  


Get involved


Interested individuals with the skills and willingness to contribute to this work can get in touch with Kirsty Gilby at the Town Hall on 01249 702130 or email