What Council (Planning) does

Planning meets every three weeks, on a Wednesday and comprises of all 20 Councillors. The Town Council is not the planning authority (that is Wiltshire Council) but comments on planning applications and is consulted on a range of issues including licensing, street naming and future development.

If you have any questions or wish to petition the Town Council under Agenda Item 2, please refer to the guidance on Public Participation at Council Meetings or contact us for advice.

To submit, or search for, a planning application; to comment on an application; check advice regarding trees, conservation and listed buildings; contact Building Control and any other planning matters, visit

Information regarding Corsham’s Neighbourhood Plan can be found at

Next meeting date

Wednesday 10 August 2022, 7.30pm online via Teams

Previous minutes

Agenda & Notes Wednesday 10 August 2022

Agenda & Notes Wednesday 20 July 2022

Agenda & Notes Wednesday 29 June 2022

Agenda & Notes Wednesday 8 June 2022

Agenda & Notes Wednesday 18 May 2022

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