Strategic Plan

Our current Strategic Plan 2022-2026 was approved by the Town Council on 14 November 2022. The ambitious plan sets out what the Council will be doing to implement improvements, deal with changes and influence how Corsham develops over the next four years and beyond.

There are four main strands to the Plan: Environment and Climate Change, Transport and Highways, Business and the Economy and Community Wellbeing.  These themes have priorities, actions and objectives, but there is also flexibility to allow us to take advantage of opportunities as they arrive. Our aim is to make life better in Corsham through equality, accessibility and inclusivity.

As a Town Council we do not have the level of resources of large organisations, but we aim to overcome this through influencing others. Our resources are focused on what is important locally, and we are determined to overcome obstacles through collaboration, skill and hard work. We will work with whoever is most appropriate, including the local community, to ensure that Corsham continues to improve and develop in a sustainable, positive way. Our Community Engagement Strategy 2022-2026 sets out how we work with others.