The Future of Arnold House

Arnold House and the ‘Guide Hut’ (31 High Street) is owned by the Town Council and currently used for a variety of purposes including two flats, the tourist information centre, Made in Corsham shop, staff welfare facilities, the grounds team workshop and for storage.

The future of Arnold House has been discussed by the Town Council on several occasions as the property is under-utilised. It is a listed building which requires sensitive and costly repairs and maintenance.

The space required by the grounds team is increasing as the Town Council takes on more services and assets from Wiltshire Council. Planning permission has been granted for a new workshop at Park Place which will provide much improved storage and welfare facilities.

Now that a new workshop for the grounds team is approved, the Town Council will look again at the future of Arnold House. There are several options for the building, each with its own merits. It is anticipated that a decision will be made in 2024.

Note: The property was left to the parish council by the late Joan Pictor who passed away in 1959. There are no covenants restricting the sale of the property. A large part of the garden was sold in the 1970s and now forms part of the long-stay car park. Sale of the building is just one option to be considered.