Reporting and Advice

Corsham Town Council is responsible for most things specific to the parish, for example:


Amenity Sites


Play Areas (Dicketts Road, Gastard, Meriton Avenue, Neston, Springfield, Westwells)

Public Toilets

Skate Park

Street Furniture

Tourism and Events

Information on these, and other Town Council responsibilities, can be found here on the website. If you need to report a problem or want advice on any element of our work, please call us on 01249 702130 or email

The Town Council is also consulted on planning and development, but Wiltshire Council is the planning authority.

Wiltshire Council is responsible for most things that occur across the whole county but if you are in any doubt who best to contact, please do call us on 01249 702130 or email and we will be happy to advise.

To report an issue, such as potholes, blocked gullies, street lighting, fly tipping, dog mess and graffiti, you can use Wiltshire Council’s MyWilts online reporting app. Once registered, users receive automatic updates on their case, and using the app allows Wiltshire Council to keep track of specific issues.

You can also find information on, and contact Wiltshire Council direct about, a number of their services via their website. Contact information for the most requested as follows:

Blue Badges: 01225 713002

Bus Passes: 0300 456 0100

Corsham Market:

Council Tax: 0300 456 0109

Dog Warden: 01249 706565

Elections: 0300 456 0112

Housing: 0300 456 0104

Homelessness: 0300 456 0106

Highways, Potholes & Pavements: 0300 456 0105

Parking Services: 01249 706131

Planning: 0300 456 0114

Public Protection (Environmental Health): 0300 456 0107

Registration Service(births and deaths): 0300 003 4569

Registration Service (ceremonies and other enquiries): 0300 003 4570

Rubbish and Recycling: 0300 456 0102 (You can go online to check your bin collection dates and download a waste collection calendar)

For other enquiries, contact Wiltshire Council Customer Services on 0300 456 0100.