Community Awards

The Town Council’s Community Awards were launched in 2011 to celebrate the people who make a difference to the Corsham community. Over the years, clubs, groups, hard-working volunteers, young people and local sports stars have all been recognised.

The search for award-recipients runs from January to March, when nomination forms for that year’s competition are available. The nominees are then considered by the Awards Panel, made up of four Town Councillors, who choose the winners. The certificates are handed out at a special Corsham Celebrates event (previously the Annual Town Meeting) in April.

2022 Community Awards

The nomination form for the 2022 Community Awards will be available to download until the closing date of 18 March 2022. Please note, previous winners are not eligible to win again, but previous nominees who did not win can be nominated again. The winners of the Awards will be officially announced at the Corsham Celebrates event on Thursday 28 April 2022.

Previous Winners


Corsham Churches Foodbank

John Maloney – Corsham Historian/Civic Society

Chris Reid – Almshouses Trustee and Community Work

Natalie Sherman – Wiltshire Digital Drive


John Bolland – AFC Corsham

Julian Carosi – Corsham Historian

Barry Cox – Services to Walking Projects

Phyllis Fry – St Bart’s Verger/Local Volunteer

Zahid Mahmood – Corsham ASC

Sharon Shackleford – Helping Local Families


Sanjeevan Garcha – Barnett Bros

John Gale – Corsham Cricket Club

Peter Greenwood – Corsham Cricket Club

Jane Roberton – Transcoco/Clean Up Corsham

Corsham 2k and 10k Committee

Mark Unwin – Corsham Fire Service


Jean Hartley – Volunteering roles in Neston/Corsham Link

John Price – Volunteering roles with young people/Corsham Town FC

Leonora Martin – Volunteer work in the creative arts, particularly the Peacock Arts Trail

Rodney Veazey and the Brunel Shed


Kevin Gaskin – Corsham Commemorates (Above and Beyond)/Community Work

Sue and Terry Hunt – Corsham Bowls Club

Teresa Price – St Bart’s Church Lads and Church Girls Brigade

Eileen Mastouras – Community Work (Oxfam, Holton House, Hungerford House)


Ben Hayday – Youth Leader

Eileen Mitchell – Corsham Bowls Club

Jackie Stanley – Corsham Hockey Club

Scoop the Poop Campaign Group – Keep Corsham Tidy


Janice Boswell/Janet Smith – Guide Dogs

Pat Whalley – Corsham Civic Society/Corsham Area Heritage

Peter and Jenny Collier – Royal British Legion

Tony Shardlow – Corsham Cricket Club

Broadwood Cups – Community Work in Rudloe


Corsham Community Children’s Knitting and Crochet Club

Josh Coombs – Services to Scouting Sally Fletcher – Services to Number of Local Organisations

Tricia McLeod – Transcoco/Corsham Food Festival

Tash Wilkinson – Services to Various Projects in Neston


Matt Booker – Automattic Comics Corsham Primary Broadwood Forest School

James Catlin – Achievement in Rugby

Humphry Barnikel – One Mile Running Club

Brian Hunt – 1st Neston and Box Scouts


Chris Hyde – Sea Scouts

Violet Cooke – St Bart’s Drama Group

Pete Smith – Corsham Wanderers Corsham Primary Broadwood Book Club

Michael Carlisle – Corsham in Bloom 2011 Corsham Link Corsham ASC

Mazy Bartlett – Community Artist Adam Walton – Transcoco


Corsham Link

Corsham ASC

Mazy Bartlett – Community Artist

Adam Walton – Transcoco