Springfield Rec Facilities

As well as being home to the largest of the play areas in Corsham, featuring equipment for children of all ages, Springfield Rec is also the site for the town’s skate park, BMX track, parkour facility and outdoor gym – all of which are managed and maintained by the Town Council.

Skate Park

The skate park opened in 2006, following almost five years of fund-raising. It is close to the Valley Road entrance to Springfield but is also easily accessible from Beechfield Road and the car parks at the Campus.

Made of concrete, to minimise noise, the skate park has been regularly improved since it was first installed. The site is floodlit until 11pm, allowing boarders to skate even after nightfall. A pump hump, grind rail and improved transitions were included after consultation with the skaters. And every few years, the graffiti artwork is replaced with a new design; the latest being in summer 2022 by local artist Baz Hurlow.

In 2023, the Town Council will start a project to redesign the skate park and install a modern facility that will (hopefully) be valued by all skaters in the area.

BMX Track

The BMX track was originally built in 2003 as a result of local interest from a group of young people. Since then, the jumps have been revamped and further improvements have been made over the years, including to the turns and the start/finish area.

In 2022, the Town Council started working with a group of BMXers to see how the site can be redesigned to suit all abilities.


The Parkour facility was installed at Springfield in the summer of 2018, in response to requests from young people who wanted an area where they could practice free-running skills.

Outdoor Gym

The outdoor gym, alongside the skate park, features a variety of equipment, including bars, a seated chest press, rowing machine and hydraulic stepper. It is free to use and is ideal for training sessions for sports clubs as well as individuals.