The Town Council identified the need for a public realm study to understand the condition and character of the Town’s public areas and identify potential improvements. The aim is to enhance the experience for residents and visitors and encourage more people to use the town centre shops and services, resulting in a more sustainable community.

The study, and subsequent strategy, identifies key locations and opportunities for public realm improvements, and initial designs concepts for delivery on a phased basis. Whilst the Town Council will directly fund some of the improvements, it is not envisaged that we will implement all of the improvements from our own budgets. The strategy will be used to inform and influence others through the planning process and negotiations with stakeholders such as Wiltshire Council.

Detailed costed proposals have been developed for four priority areas which are primarily aimed at improving connectivity between the public car parks and the High Street. Two of these schemes are being worked up as pilot projects.

The Stage 1 Report
The Stage 2 Report
The Stage 3 Report