Tree works in Corsham

Tree works in Corsham

Residents may have noticed that a number of Ash trees are being felled in the Corsham area which is sadly necessary due to Ash die back. Information about Ash die back can be found on the Woodland Trust website.

Wiltshire Council have appointed contractors to carry out the works and issued the following information:

Wiltshire Council Works Arising from Ash Dieback Survey 2022/23 – From Terry Offen, Trees and Woodland Officer at Wiltshire Council:

Following a recent reassessment of all Council owned ash trees, a number of trees were identified as requiring removal. The map and schedule (below) shows the location of all the ash that were picked up on the survey; works will be undertaken over the next year in line with the priority assigned on the schedule. There is likely to be further significant tree loss across the county, when I have more details, I’ll pass them on. Ordinarily, in the case of any tree removals I’d attach a notice to the tree (s) to inform any local residents however, in this instance it’s simply impractical given the volume of removals across the county.

TreeSafety Data – WC ADB Survey North Corsham Job Pack

WC ADB Survey North Corsham G0002(N)

WC ADB Survey North Corsham G0008(N) & T0083(N)

WC ADB Survey North Corsham G0010(N), G0022(N), T0100(N), T0735(N) & T0736a(N)

WC ADB Survey North Corsham T0010(N)

WC ADB Survey North Corsham T0042(N) & T0725(N)

WC ADB Survey North Corsham T0051(N), T0057(N), T0067(N) & T0731(N)

WC ADB Survey North Corsham T0090(N), T0091(N), T0095(N) & T0097(N)