S/2453 Private Hamilton Taylor Kerr

Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders

Hamilton was born in Glasgow and worked as a coal miner.

He enlisted in the Argyle & Sutherland Highlanders on 24th August 1914 at the age of 29. He arrived in France on 11th May 1915 with the 10th (Service) Battalion, part of the 9th (Scottish) Division and saw extensive service on the Western Front.

He suffered a severe gunshot wound to the head on the 13th May 1916, receiving medical treatment at Etaples Base Hospital. His condition continued to deteriorate and on 11th June, he was evacuated back to the UK on a hospital ship.

Hamilton died on 22nd August at the VAD Hospital, Corsham, from complications connected to his wound. He was 32 years old.

Corsham (St Batholomew) Church Burial Ground War Graves

This burial ground is the resting place for 22 servicemen who gave their lives on the First & Second World Wars. A number were men who had lived in the town or had family connections to the area. Others were serving in local units or were receiving treatment in Corsham’s military hospital when they died. Find out more about them using the QR code located at each individual grave. These commemorations will be maintained in perpetuity by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC). 

CWGC Map Corsham

World War One

1. Pte Robert Brown ASC

2. Pte Hamilton T Kerr A&SH

3. Pte William HJ Robbins RDC

4. Pte William Evans RDC

5. Dvr Egbert Slade ASC

6. 3rd AM Harold Flower RFC

7. AB William F Hemmings RN

8. Pte Herbert A Rumming RASC 

9. Pte George F Merrett RASC 

10. Sgt William Farmer Innis Fus

11. Pte Sidney A Archer

World War Two

12. Spr Charles J Bond RE

13. Pte John Jones P Corps

14. Pte Harry Sivyer RAMC

15. Pte Thomas H Gill P Corps

16. Pte Wilfred NK Huskinson RAOC

17. Tpr William McCaldron RAC

18. Sgt John WM Bailey MM RA

19. Pte William G Elms P Corps

20. Pte William H Thompson Som LI

21. Gnr Eric Burford RA

22. Capt William H Jackson RE