Corsham Stories

Mushroom Culture At Corsham

16 August 2019
The outbreak and extended duration of the war will have had an impact on local business with the loss of labour, shortages of materials and changes in demand.

Corsham’s Women of WW1

31 July 2019
The women of Corsham, particularly the young women, saw opportunity, excitement and duty in support of the war effort.

Women’s Work For The Troops

24 June 2019
One of the emerging stories from research of the Corsham area during 1914 – 1918 is the unswerving and generous support of local women for servicemen at the front and for hospital patients and refugees who were resident in the area.

Albert Sylvester

11 November 2018
Albert James Sylvester was born in Harlaston in Staffordshire in November 1889 the son of Albert and Elizabeth Sylvester, his father Albert was a tenant Farmer.

Harold Simmons: A Corsham Boy Missing His Father

7 August 2018
In January 1918, Corsham lad Harold Simmons of Pickwick Road, wrote a letter to his father serving at home with the Royal Army Service Corps (RASC).

The Military Funeral Of William Robbins

22 June 2017
Apart from the pathetic side of the question it was a coincidence that a trumpeter under Lord Methuen in the South Africa War should come to Corsham to die.